Russian Double Entry Tourist Visa – Information

A Russian double entry tourist visa is required if you are entering Russia twice during a 30 day period. For example, if you fly into Moscow for a river cruise to St Petersburg, then extend your stay by visiting Helsinki before returning to stay in St Petersburg prior to your departure from St Petersburg within a 30 day period, you will require a Russian Double Entry Tourist Visa. Similarly, if you travel by land between mainland Russia and Kaliningrad or Crimea, you will require a Russian Double entry Tourist Visa.

Please note that a Russian Double Entry Tourist Visa is not normally required if you are on a Baltic Cruise and wishing to obtain a visa for independent travel from your cruise liner. If the ship does not leave Russian waters, a single entry tourist visa will suffice. If you are travelling ashore with a licensed Russian travel agency or book shore excursions through your shipping line, no visa is required.

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